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Education Programs

To arrange customised transdisciplinary projects for groups, universities and institutions with our amazing team members contact us.

Sustainable Leadership
Regen living
Nature and Belonging
Wastless Kitchen
Nasture as an isnipartion hub

Sustainable Leadership Development Program

The development program empowers you to become a Sustainable Leader through relevant and comprehensive leadership tools, knowledge, and skills

  • Provide access to essential knowledge and frameworks about environmental and social sustainability and stakeholder impacts

  • Reinforce each participant’s awareness, values and mindset essential for leading organizations towards a fair and green future

  • Highlight management practices and leadership competencies which favor the transition and raise awareness of those that hinder

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Regenerative Living & Eco Campuses Architecture and Design

This program explores how humanity can connect with nature and start living in harmony with nature. It focuses on campus life, architecture, history, and the character of the place with how we would like to live our lives.

Workshops give critical thinking about how we live and how we could be more harmonious with nature. It will make participants think critically about their life and environment. Also, the program helps participants to find ecological solutions to their everyday climate crisis issues.


Nature and Belonging

This course goes deeper into belonging and how we could feel belonging to nature. This experimental learning program using exercises connected to the five senses– will enable you to rebuild the connection to the place.

Many of us are migrants in our cities and towns. Consider this class a personal invitation to root within and where you are. Participants will learn about their environment. They know to feel belonging wherever they go. They learn more about ecopsychology and ecological self. This course led participants to care more about their environment.



The Role of Arts in the Transformation Process

This program makes us focus on how nature inspires us and how could we reflect that inspiration through art. Anything that is hard to make tangible could accomplish in the form of art.


The role of art is critical to our projects as we try to have participants have an experimental way of learning. Part of art comes in when people need to reflect on their experiences in various forms.

Participants learn more about how to reflect with art and learn from each other's reflections.

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Regenerative Kitchen Journey

This program looks at kitchen waste from soil, harvesting, planting, and fertilizers from kitchen waste to cooking and creating new recipes. It will also look at the cultural aspect of traditions and cuisine. The program will focus on our connection with the land and how it affects our cooking. 

Participants will learn more about sustainable and conscious kitchens and cooking without wasting ingredients.

To register:

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Archaeology, Gastronomy and Connecting to nature

This workshop will be a transdisciplinary workshop where participants will have a walking tour where they will have the chance to learn about the place through five sense exercises, biodiversity knowledge of their environment and understanding the name and meaning of the land they are in through time.

Then they will learn more about the antic seeds and antic recipes, eating habits, cooking methods and ways of the people in history at the same place. Afterwards, they will do a cooking workshop where they will use the five senses with food and cook an antic recipe with a modern twist.

This workshop will connect people with history and experimental archaeology. The workshop will use phenomenology methods for people to communicate with the past and nature to create a deep connection with the place. Through performance and experiential learning, the workshop will help cultural heritage and nature protection in a more profound understanding.

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