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Maya Galimidi



All living things fulfil a specific function in the universe. Unfortunately, many of us lose this precious connection to nature. As a result, we find ourselves in a purposeless and joyless existence.

I had this feeling a few years ago and found my way to the desert. I lived through sand storms, fell asleep under the stars, learned permaculture, experienced community and sustainable living. It then became clear to me that every one of us who shared this experience in the desert was transformed by the magic of reconnecting with the natural world. We all need this connection to understand life.

"Empower with Nature" courses were created with this goal in mind. Participants are provided with tools that empower them to reconnect with nature and pursue their dreams no matter where they live. Our team of lecturers come from all walks of life and cultures. They show how different traditions and disciplines can coexist, transform our present and influence our future. 

Come join us in this wonderful adventure of personal and ecological discovery!

Maya Galimidi


Learning from

nature and each

other transforms us

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Programs for Individuals

Purpose and Ecology lesson with Brazilia

Program Outline 
Each lesson contains an experimental learning workshop: 
•    Introduction 
•    Today's challenges
•    Eco-centric values 
•    Meaning of landscapes
•    Ecological self 
•    Connectedness to nature 
•    Turning the UN Sustainable       Development Goals into reality 
•    Environmental activism 

•    Permaculture 
•    Sustainable living communities 
•    Purpose and ecology 
•    Conclusions 

Ecology and Purpose

This course is geared towards finding a person's place in nature and the role each one of us is destined to play in it. We will address such issues as: Day to day challenges, our own estrangement from nature, diversity in value systems, ecological self, permaculture, sustainable living, environmental activism, sustainable development goals, and finding our purpose in life.

Recommended for those who

• want to exercise greater involvement in their natural environment and are looking for a new lifestyle
• are searching for their role in nature and life in general
• are considering a change of career and/or are about to decide on a career path

10 Weeks Online Course 

When I was studying at the Green Apprenticeship in Kibbutz Lotan in early 2020, Maya's lesson about Ecology and Purpose was one of the most inspiring teachings. I was given the insight that our life path will start to unfold more naturally and clearly once we find our purpose.

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Fredy Scheuber, Switzerland

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Program Outline 
Each lesson contains an experimental learning workshop: 

  • Introduction

  • Phenomenology method

  • Today’s challenges

  • Re-indigenised habitats

  • The name of a place, its myths, and its history

  • Ecopsychology

  • Conclusions

 Partner with 


Nature and Belonging

Most of us live a life of real or spiritual rootlessness. We feel detached from places and situations we knew all our lives. We are migrants in our own cities and towns. We experience alienation and loneliness.
This course – part of it is the five-senses exercises- will enable you to overcome these feelings and teach you to really know your location, your place, your site. By looking at their hometowns and villages with a different perspective, participants will learn how to sense a place and connect with it; how to become part of where they live and the significance of this unique location in their lives.

This course is the perfect match for those who:

• want to understand the meaning of the place they live in

• seek to advance their knowledge of their immediate surroundings
• need to connect deeply with the place they live in
• search to identify the place in the world where they truly belong

This course is given by Maya Galimidi and a special interview with Juliet Egesa

27 February -03 March 2022

3 Weeks Online Live Course

Maya is so inspiring! Her calmness and approach to teaching and life significantly influenced me and stayed with me for a long time after her classes. The tools Maya uses during the courses are beneficial and intuitive. I owe her a huge thank you for that. I wish everyone to have the chance to learn with and from Maya.

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Revital Riklin, Israel


Program Outline 

Each lesson contains an experimental learning workshop:
• Introduction
• Phenomenology method
• Eco-centric perspective
• Metaphors
• Ecological Self
• Conclusions

Ecological Self

Our identities are shaped by society and the cultures we live in. But what about our “identity in nature”? How do we search for it and how do we reach that goal?

This course will focus on this most important subject of identity and self-awareness. By learning how to use our five senses we can truly find our union with nature. Participants will learn to recognise metaphors in nature and understand their identity within it.

This course is ideal for those who:

• want to find their own deeper selves within nature and connect to it
• need to see things as they truly exist, without any exterior boundaries or pressures
• are longing for a way of life that satisfies them to the fullest

5 Weeks Online Course

Maya inspires others to find their light that will guide their way. With such grace and strength, she conquers all their fears with her light. She waits patiently and supports everyone else's paths.


Tome Shaaltiel, USA and Israel

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Program Outline 

Each lesson contains an experimental learning workshop:

  • Introduction

  • Sustainable living

  • Permaculture

  • Re-indigenised habitats

  • Global sustainable communities

  • Conclusion

Sustainable Living

Sustainability is on everybody's agenda. What does it mean to live sustainably? What is happening around the world in terms of sustainable living? This course will answer these questions by giving examples taken from the Global Ecovillage Network, Transition Towns, and off-grid living from around the world.

This course is created for those who:

  • are looking for a community life

  • want to live in a more environmentally-conscious way

  • want to learn what is happening around the world when it comes to sustainable living

  • want to practice a more sustainable way of life

  • are majoring in Environmental Studies and / or Humanities

  • are part of the faculties of universities’ Sustainability Departments

5 Weeks Online Course

Quang Huynh.jpg

Quang Huynh, Vietnam

I had my first lesson with Maya at Kibbutz Lotan, in the Arava Desert: The program included weekly bonding activities and lessons about natural connection and sustainable living. To me, her personal story was so inspiring and has definitely helped to open my mind about the world as I am working toward becoming an environmental engineer.


To arrange customized transdisciplinary projects

Nature Connection Hub
Programs for Universities, Institutions and Groups

We bring nature's diversity into our teaching with our team of lecturers from different disciplines, cultures and way of lives.

We create customized transdisciplinary programs for universities and institutions, in cooperation with wonderful lecturers whose teachings show how nature can affect so many. In our team, you will meet lecturers from all different cultures and traditions tell their stories. These projects will make you experiment and learn from different disciplines. Such as sustainability, ecology, art, architecture, regenerative agriculture, renewable energies, permaculture, community building, peacebuilding, archaeology, biology, traditional ecological knowledge, ecotourism, museology, leadership, systems thinking, complexity, empowering youth and women projects.

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19-31 May 2022

Habiba Community Summer School

The first edition of Habiba Summer School in cooperation with Ecosystem Restoration Camps.

Habiba Community joined Ecosystem Restoration Camps (ERC) in 2019 with the aim of aligning their visions and missions to encourage the practice of regenerative sustainable development model in South Sinai.

Embracing the ERC goal of providing educational programs in
environmental restoration and regenerative practices for personal health and well-being, Camp Habiba Community combines education and work in permaculture and restoration of the natural system with a very pleasant place to stay. Moreover Camp Habiba Community has a determined 
purpose of creating balance in the Bedouin life in Sinai through creating an alternative method based on an interdisciplinary approach to raise the community’s social awareness toward the environment, agriculture and responsible tourism.

Tropical Leaves


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Maya Galimidi


Empower with Nature


Felix M Bivens III.jpg

Felix Bivens

Co-founder and co-director

Regenerative School - Rē



Mike Kaplin

Co-Founder and Director

Kibbutz Lotan Center for Creative Ecology


Juliet Egesa

Biology and Agriculture Teacher

St. Mary Highschool

Salman Sdan -small.jpg

Salman Sdan


 The Hidden Village

Traditional Bedouin Village


Diana Renner.jpg

Diana Renner


Uncharted Leadership Institute


Australian Adaptive Leadership Institute



Maged El Said


Habiba Community



 Archeologist and Museologist


Mine Küçük

Alex Cicelsky_photos_v2_x2.jpg

Alex Cicelsky


Kibbutz Lotan Center for Creative Ecology


Ben Gurion University


jeannet Kopie 2.JPG



Research, Art and Systems Science


Mark Naveh_photos_v2_x2.jpg

Mark Naveh


Kibbutz Lotan Center for Creative Ecology


Ashlei website pic.jpg

Ashlei Laing

Co-founder and co-director

Regenerative School- Rē

Ken Kenya.JPG

Kennet Chepkwony Kiplang


Ken Arava


Didem Tekay .JPG

Didem Tekay


Grow Forward Consulting


‘The Grow Forward Manifesto’ Book




Faculty + Researcher
Faculty of Architecture
Middle East Technical University



Lara Karaso

Interior Designer

and Lecturer


Chef Sibel Pinto

Founder and  Chef- instructor

Nilgul Karadeniz.jpeg

Prof. Dr. Nilgül Karadeniz 

 Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Landscape Architecture University of Ankara 

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Natalie Brassill

Environmental Scientist & Water Quality Microbiologist
University of Arizona

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